Smart business intelligence and predictions for your bar

so you know what actions to take and make your business grow.

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Available always and everywhere

Optimize your business, get alerts, explore new opportunities and set your bussiness growth goals.

Don’t have state of the art POS?

Don’t worry, TrakBar works with almost any POS system. If it prints receipts it can work with TrakBar!

Do you keep track of all the little details?

Trakbar gives you comprehensive actionable insights, packed with features that will help you manage your business more efficiently

No need for data scientist

Organize information in ways that serve you best. Visualize the data that make sense to you. Track what you want, when you want.

Trakbar Pricing

The simplest pricing plan, per bar.

Yes, really free
Dashboard with live turnover & profits
A.I. powered 7-day forecast
Drilldown analytics and custom reporting
Staff performance
Only 1 user / manager 
Unlimited locations 
Limit to 30 day history 
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14-day free trial
All from standard
Smart orders
A.I. powered 30 day forecast
Goals and KPI tracking
Unlimited users
Unlimited history
Multi-location reports
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or custom services

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