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What is Trakbar all about

Do you own a bar or restaurant?

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Would you like to have better insight into your business than if you were physically there?
And would you like to easily analyze your business without inputting any data?
How about comparing your best and worst performing waiters?
And would you like to know what will you sell and how much will you sell the next day or next week?

What if I told you can try all of this for free in just a couple of clicks and no installation required?

Trakbar is an online tool that helps bar and restaurant owners to make money. It does this through a series of steps that allow you to increase the profitability of your business.

Trakbar is a tool for serious business owners only. And it is specialized for small to medium-sized businesses.

So what are the steps?

Step 1: Lower your stock levels safely and free up your money

Trakbar has strong sales prediction engine which can tell you how much you’re going to sell next day, next week or next month. When you know that information there is no need for overstocking.
This in turns means more cash stays in your pocket.

Step 2: Take control over what your employees are doing even when you’re not looking

In just a few clicks you can compare multiple employees. Every sale they make (or don’t make) stays in the sales records forever. And with Trakbar these records are easily accessible and presented in clear and simple form.

Are they performing the same when you’re not around?

Which are your best employees and which are not?

Is some employee making fewer sales only when you’re not around? (and you know what that means)

With Trakbar your employees can know that you’re watching them even if you’re not there.

Step 3: Find out exactly how much profit each product generates for you

Just pick a product and a time period and you’re done. Trakbar takes into consideration many factors like different prices you got the product for. Maybe it’s from different suppliers or you got some quantity discount etc.

It also takes into account different exit prices like happy hour or bundled products etc.

The point is – you can see exactly how much you make on every product and you can prioritize your sales accordingly.

Step 4: Improve sales of the most profitable items – set goals for employees

You can easily set sales goals for your employees. And on top of that you can easily track and compare your employees.

You can see if they are really offering that complementary product to your customers.
Are some employees better at this than others? Do they try more?

You can easily see who follows your instructions and who is not.

Step 5: Smart Orders (that are actually smart)

Unlike ordinary “smart” orders systems Trakbar uses strong sales prediction engine which can tell you how much you’re going to sell next day, next week, next month. Trakbar uses those predictions to create order suggestions for you.

It does not require any manual input from you and it works perfectly with your P.O.S. system where it pulls its data from.

Even if you don’t know your current stock levels. That means no manual updates are required from you every time there’s spillage or waste.

Step 6: No installation required and safe to use

It works together with your P.O.S. provider which makes it easy to install (in some cases only one click install).

Trakbar is GDPR compliant which means your data is yours and you have full control.
It communicates with your P.O.S. system using read-only approach. That means you cannot break anything within the P.O.S. system while using Trakbar.

Step 7: Stop losing money, give Trakbar a try

You can only get these amazing benefits if you start using it.

If you want to find out more about what Trakbar can do for you and your business fill in the information below and you can try it today.

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