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Trakbar integration with Poster POS

Like all other “top of the line” POS systems, Poster POS allows its customers to extend the possibilities of their register by installing 3rd party applications from the marketplace. Trakbar is one of those applications.

With Trakbar you can expand your Poster reports, get live analytics and slice and dice your data to get actionable insights.
Trakbar uses A.I. to predict your sales and turnover and help you save money and time with smart order suggestions.

Setting up Trakbar with your Poster account is very simple. It should take you under 5 minutes to get everything ready.
The whole procedure is done in only 4 easy steps.Remember, Trakbar is a read-only application and we won’t be making any changes to your data.

How to add Trakbar to Poster

Go to Poster Marketplace Trakbar page and click “Try it out”
It will take you to your Poster account marketplace where you can add and manage all available applications.


Start by clicking Open, this will take you to the onboarding process.
The first step is authorising Trakbar to access your Poster account.

After you click on Authorise you will be taken to Poster login to start the authorisation process.
First input your account name to log in to the right account.

After that, type in your credentials to log in.

After logging in, you will be taken back to Trakbar to continue onboarding.

On this step, you will select the venues you would like to see in Trakbar.
We will list all the venues you have in the Poster account you are logged in.

Fill in the venue location if it’s missing and than select the ones you want to add to Trakbar by clicking on the checkbox to the left.

Once you selected them, click next to create your user account. Fill in your name, email and create a new password.
Clicking next will create the user.


And you’re almost ready.

We will prepare your dashboard in the background. All you have to do is click “Go to the Dashboard” to start using Trakbar.

If you have any questions or need help using Trakbar, use in-app chat in the right corner and we will be right with you.

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