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How to easily keep track of your staff performance?

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Isn’t this an eternal question?

How to know exactly what happens in your bar or restaurant when you’re not there?
Are your customers getting the same quality of service when you’re not looking?
How can you know for sure?

There is a saying:

We’ll crunch the numbers and you make the decision

And it’s true.
But it’s also true that it’s not always easy to understand them. Or you just don’t have time to go through all of them.
After all, you have a business to run.
If you are a bar or restaurant owner you probably noticed one thing: managing people is hard.

People management

If you have a lot of part-timers managing can be even harder. And if your business has a very pronounced seasonal effect you may be forced to hire a lot of new people.
These new people are here to help you in your business but you just cannot know them all well enough in this short period of time.

And if you don’t know them how will you decide which ones will work at peak hours?
Which of them bring you in highest revenue or profit?
Which of them make the most upsales to your guests?
How many minutes per transaction each staff member has?

And would you like to be able to easily compare them?
How many transactions did waiter A had vs. waiter B on Friday afternoon?
How about Saturday night?

Why does this waiter have poorer performance than the rest?
Why does that waiter have much better performance than the rest?

Unfortunately, as you can see, people management is hard and cannot be avoided. This is, after all, a people business.

But… What if there was a way to make it easy?

What if you could just make a quick look at them and immediately know if something is off?
Would you like to easily compare multiple employees and clearly see when one of them is underperforming?

On the other hand, you might want to reward people that are performing great.

Numbers are forever

Fortunately for you, every behavior leaves a trace in numbers. And this trace lasts forever. So you could see how your employees performed even a year ago. Or just a month or week ago.

Did they invoice less than when you’re around?
Is only one employee constantly invoicing less than average?

What if there was a tool that can show you all that and more in just a few clicks?
Yes, there is.

Be ready to sleep calmly because you know that you can count on your employees.
And if it turns out you can’t count on some people – you’ll know that too – and very soon.

So, if you’d like to get your hands on such a tool and try it for free fill in the information below and you can try it today.

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